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White Sturgeon caviar from Marky’s is produced from the highly sought-after and cherished fish. It will be an enjoyable surprise for you to discover its glossy oceanic texture and light nutty taste. The gorgeous grains that glisten with a nice grey color and smooth flavor will make you feel like in paradise. In addition, our caviar is an eco-friendly and less expensive alternative to Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga black pearls.

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Marky’s American White Sturgeon Caviar 'Malossol' with nutty flavor, both smooth and robust. Shiny and glossy beads of golden brown to dark color comes from American Osetra - White Sturgeon raised on aquafarms in California.

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White Sturgeon is a great alternative to Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga black pearls as its caviar price for 1 OZ. is only $ 55, which is considered to be a pretty reasonable sum of money on the market of royal caviar of the highest quality. You will be even luckier if catch the moment and find this great delicacy of the White Sturgeon for sale here, on our website. So do not miss the chance to taste California caviar carefully raised on its aquafarms.

What do you know about the largest freshwater fish in North America? Can you guess what species is called the California Sturgeon? This Sturgeon family member, found from Alaska to central California, is a unique freshwater habitant, which has a really interesting lifestyle and some other distinctive features. presents you the White Sturgeon species characteristics, and some useful information about its tasty eggs. You will not be surprised to find out that fishermen commonly seek the fish for sport as well as for commercial purposes: the White Sturgeon is valuable not only for the meat, but also for its precious granules of caviar.

The fish is famous for containing a large amount of easily digestible protein with a balanced amino acid composition, polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for people with cardiovascular and nervous diseases, fat-soluble vitamins, macro- and microelements. Vitamin A is essential for people with reduced visual acuity, vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus – for children and pregnant women, vitamin E and trace elements – for the elderly and debilitated patients. Thus, its meat and caviar, included in the diet, will bring enormous benefits to all groups of the population.

The species is found in slowly flowing large and medium-sized rivers, large bays, as well as in estuaries with its brackish water. The White Sturgeon lives and feeds in the bottom layer in fairly deep water, as a typical bottom fish. In the amateur fishing processes, individuals from 10 to 20 kilograms are the most frequent fish. However, it is possible to catch much larger fish (up to 816 kilograms).

The California Sturgeon is anadromous fish, which spends most of its life in the sea, often spawns in the river, and after that returns to the sea. When spawning season occurs, the fish searches for clean water and fairly strong current, choosing the places with gravel or rocky bottom. It also likes to lay eggs among big underwater boulders. Young White Sturgeons after reaching certain weight and length roll down from freshwater to the sea for feeding. The interesting fact is that it formed a freshwater species after the construction of dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers when many sturgeons remained “locked up” in the river.

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