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Siberian Sturgeon caviar is a kind of caviar beloved by many gourmets. Siberian Sturgeon eggs are very small and have an elastic membrane. The diameter, the size of the grains is about 2,3-2,6 mm. The color varies from silver-gray to black. Siberian caviar contains about 30% of easily digestible proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6. The exclusive product is very nutritious: it compensates for the deficiency of calcium, iron, iodine, sodium, vitamins A, B, D in the human body. And that is definitely not all about advantages of this exact delicacy.

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Siberian Sturgeon, medium-sized glistening grains with melt-in-your-mouth silkiness come from farm-raised Siberian sturgeon.
Marky’s Baerii Osetra Caviar 'Malossol' features unique clean, sweet, crisp and 'nutty' flavor. Characterized by large grains ranging in color from grey to golden brown.
Siberian Sturgeon Caviar from the fish farmed in Italy is a great alternative to expensive caviar of Caspian Sea. The mahogany to black grains of medium size smoothly melt in your mouth brimming it with slightly salted buttery taste of caviar. A definite favorite among our products both for its taste and price.

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It is quite interesting to find out the details of how this great product appears so that we have an opportunity to enjoy its excellent taste. It is about the reproduction of the Siberian Sturgeon. Generally, the age of the spawning components is estimated as fish of different ages. It is a typical situation not only for the species we discuss but also for other Sturgeons. The sex ratio of all the studied populations of the Siberian Sturgeon at the spawning sites is, as a rule, close to 1:1, with a slight numeral predominance of males over females. The reproduction of this species, as well as of the majority of Sturgeons, is complicated by the fact that in the wild it does not occur every year. In addition, the estimation of spawning frequency shows that females need about five years, males – about three years to spawn again. The spawning processes of the Siberian Sturgeon take place in late May and June when the water temperature is from 12 to 18 ° C; the optimal places are sand-gravel and gravel-pebble soils at a depth of 4-8 m with a flow rate of 2-4 km/h. Absolute fecundity of fish varies in a very large range (from 16 thousand to 3.5 million of eggs) that is connected with differences in the size of females. For the first time, eggs of spawning females take 10% of body weight, and next times – about 12-15%, which is good for caviar production.

In fact, there are different species of Sturgeon to be found; they have different habitats, as well as appearance. Russian and Siberian Osetra caviar both have the strong market position, so how to choose between them? After comparing these two kinds, it is safe to say that both of them have their own positive sides, so it is mostly a matter of taste. With its expressive and nutty flavor, the caviar of Russian Osetra Sturgeon is considered an excellent delicacy. It contains complexes of vitamins and nutrients essential for the body. The saturated black eggs are elastic and large, their size is 2.5-2.8 mm. It is believed that the appearance of this kind of caviar is somewhat more attractive.

Nevertheless, Siberian Sturgeon caviar is also really useful, and to claim that it is less tasty is wrong and definitely does not correspond to reality. The eggs of this species are more gentle, silver-gray in color and smaller in size. The thing you should remember before purchasing is that caviar of the Siberian Sturgeon contains a little bit more fats so some connoisseurs may prefer other kinds. Talking about one more advantage, Siberian Sturgeon caviar price is absolutely reasonable, especially at our store, as we select the best products ever. You may also enjoy Baerii caviar which, being one of the most popular caviar in the world, is imported from Italy and France. Originally from Siberia, its weight rarely exceeds 10 kilograms, so it is one of the smallest Sturgeons. The Baerii classic caviar is somewhat similar to Sevruga caviar (its texture and appearance), but cheaper, and has a sweet, nutty flavor.

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