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The Sevruga Sturgeon is the smallest of the Sturgeon species taking the first place by the number of production. The fish grows to a length of 1-1.5 meters, weighing on average from 5 to 10 kilograms, the maximum weight ever met is 25 kilograms. The natural area of the Sevruga is the basins of the Azov, Caspian and Black Seas, and occasionally – the Adriatic and Aegean Seas. Like other Sturgeons, it is regarded as a predator that feeds on crustaceans and worms, as well as a variety of small fish. But what is the most precious and important about this fish? Definitely, its caviar – a black treasure of the sea.

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Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar 'Malossol'. Distinguished smooth, buttery flavor and sweet sea-spray with long subtle after taste.Small pearly pale-grey grains.
Sevruga caviar (Acipenser stellatus) is the entry level caviar with a distinguished smooth, buttery flavor with a sweet ocean finish for an affordable price.

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Talking about a spawning phenomenon, it occurs earlier than other Sturgeon species have it, around the age of seven till ten. It is believed that the most delicious caviar is from 18-22-year-old fish; it takes 10-12% of a fish whole weight. However, 35-year-old Sevruga Sturgeon provides us with classic grey Sevruga caviar that is often chosen by connoisseurs of original caviar. Small pearls with glossy and clear surface conceal the pale-grey juicy contents of this gentle product.

Sevruga caviar taste stands out for its light flavor of iodine. Though it is unusual and specific, but considered to be pleasant and unforgettable. Small eggs, as a rule, have dark gray or black color. Moreover, the older fish is, the lighter and more valuable its eggs. But in fact, it is very rarely for Sevruga eggs to have the light color and large grains (2-2.5 mm). Nevertheless, they are dense with elastic shells, having rather tender “skin”, and a bright “eye”.

Like other black caviar obtained from the Sturgeon, Sevruga caviar is very nutritious, and talking about this characteristic, it is truly superior to meat and dairy products. Protein of black caviar is absorbed by our body easier than animal protein, so this fact brings more benefits. Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 the protein consists of, help to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, as well as a variety of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Eating Sevruga eggs, we help our body to function normally, improve skin and hair condition, improve immunity and hemoglobin levels, bring cholesterol down, and normalize blood pressure. Improvement of vision is also among the advantages of this product. Iodine, calcium and phosphorus restock organic compounds and trace elements.

Unfortunately, nowadays not everyone can afford to buy black caviar as it is extremely expensive. Such restrictions are partly related to the fact that fish from the Sturgeon family, which actually give us black caviar, are extremely reduced in number, and some of them are even on the brink of extinction. Nevertheless, Sevruga Caviar price is definitely not that high as the cost of beluga eggs, that is why much more affordable for people who are not that wealthy, but have a true desire to taste this world-wide famous delicacy.

Most people wonder how to choose the best out of the diversity of this great delicacy? What kind of caviar is “the best”? What kind is “the most delicious”? Of course, the Beluga Sturgeon is the rarest fish, and therefore the most expensive, but it is not necessarily the most delicious.

Perhaps, at this moment the experts will recommend you Sevruga caviar, as taking into account its taste and quality features, for someone it is superior to all the other species, including the Beluga. It all depends on what kind of caviar might be available to you at the moment. This means that the more choice you have, the greater chance that you will get eggs with the highest quality and a pleasant taste. For each person, it is just a matter of taste, preferences, and even mood. respects your opinion on the matter, that is why we try to provide you with the most important thing – the choice.

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