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Paddlefish caviar (or Spoonbill caviar) is in no way inferior to the familiar to us kinds of black caviar. It has a nice tender flavor identical to the well-known delicacy. The product is high-energy, contains proteins, vitamins, Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, micro- and macroelements that are very useful for human health. Nutritionists strongly recommend including Paddlefish eggs in the daily diet which guarantees improved brain activity and vision, enhanced immunity, reducing the risk of developing blood clots and even the rejuvenation of the body. Read more

Paddlefish caviar has a robust, bold complex flavor with a strong earthy finish.

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Paddlefish family includes two species, both are endemics: the American Paddlefish, which lives in the Mississippi River basin as well as in other rivers flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, and the China – in the Yangtze basin. The first species – American one – is more studied. This is a fairly large valuable food fish, the length of which reaches 2 meters, and weight – 83 kilograms. It has elongated body, and a long (up to 1/3 of the total body length) rostrum (a nose part which gives the fish stability as it swims and also helps it to find food) resembling a paddle that gave the name to the fish. This unusual fish lives quite a long time and during that period, its length increases from a few millimeters to meters. The species is famous for American Paddlefish caviar which is relatively cheap if compare to Russian Sturgeon caviar (as an example, it does not come close to approaching the price to Beluga eggs), but still estimated at its true worth by the caviar lovers.

The natural habitat of this species extends two thousand kilometers in the direction from south to north of the United States. The fish is adapted to different environmental conditions – from the waters in the subtropical south to the north waters located in a zone with sharply continental climate. The Paddlefish migrates from rivers to lakes and back, and in the spring season moves into the rivers, swimming upstream.

The reproduction of the Paddlefish Sturgeon in the wild is poorly explored. When the water temperature reaches 10-12 °C, it begins to migrate to the spawning grounds, which are the river areas with a strong current and pebble bottom. Spawning takes place at a depth of 2-12 meters and the water temperature of 13-16 °C. The females spawn not annually. Puberty of the fish occurs depending on the climatic conditions: males – in the age of 6-8, females – 7-14 years old.

The Paddlefish is the only living representative of Sturgeon family feeding on plankton in adulthood. In combination with the high growth rate, excellent taste of meat, typical of Sturgeon, as well as caviar, which deep taste is enormously appealing and quality is similar to other members of royal Sturgeon family, the fish tends to be a valuable aquaculture species.

Paddlefish roe will certainly embellish your festive table and catch the fancy of all the friends and family. Moreover, Paddlefish caviar price offered in our online catalog will make it possible not to limit its consumption and to keep a nice jar of best American caviar in the fridge. Bon Appétit!

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