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The Kaluga Sturgeon (or Huso dauricus) is one more species from the Sturgeon royal family that is famous for its large eggs of caviar. The delicacy is pretty rare to find on the market, but it will be interesting to know that it is considered the best substitute for the original Beluga caviar which is much more expensive, and even often called “River Beluga caviar”. Kaluga Sturgeon caviar price will please true lovers of this great delicacy, and its flavor will bring back the sweetest memories of your life.

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A hybrid caviar from Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso dauricus) and Amur Sturgeon (Aciepenser schrenkii).
This remarkable farm-raised hybrid caviar is cross-bred from Huso Dauricus and Acipenser Schrencki sturgeons.
Fresh, fruity and utterly delectable, our Kaluga Fusion Gold is defined by a nutty flavor and large, firm, juicy grains ranging in color from a light to a warm, rich brown.

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The fish swims in the fresh waters of Russia – in the Amur River and in some eastern lakes. The average size of an adult fish is 3 meters in length; its weight is about 100 kilograms. Although at one time a rare fish was caught – that individual weighed about a ton, and during its life (55 years old!) had grown up to 5 meters. Like other Sturgeons, it is a predator that feeds on invertebrates, small fish, and in adulthood is not squeamish about eating large fish, like Salmon.

It is not difficult to guess that the Kaluga is regarded as a food item for gourmets, as well as all the Sturgeon species. But there is Kaluga caviar – by rights, the most valuable part of the fish. A small amount of it can satiate the adult’s appetite. Although the caloric content of the delicacy exceeds meat and milk product, but its energy value is primarily introduced by complete proteins and highly digestible fats. This kind of caviar is very useful in anemia, as replenishes iron stores in the body. It is a common knowledge that this product slows the aging process and has a positive impact on a person's appearance, keeping the skin soft and supple for a long time.

The food item has its own special characteristics including size and color parameters. The size of grains is about 4 mm in diameter; the color can be dark green, dark gray, silver, or even brownish. We have selected for you the greatest three variations of this caviar type:

  • Kaluga Fusion Amber Caviar. This amazing hybrid caviar from Amur Sturgeon (Aciepenser schrenkii) and Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso dauricus) is a true caviar connoisseurs’ choice, as inheriting the greatest features from both of fish species, has strong taste and texture advantages. Large glossy eggs of dark gray color look perfect together, so after having visual delight, you will get the unbelievably sensual touch of the resulting caviar. Do not miss the chance to enjoy that rich buttery taste.
  • Kaluga Fusion Black Caviar. What a fantastic aftertaste this hybrid caviar brings to consumers! Buying Kaluga Fusion Black Caviar at our shop, you get not only the highest quality ever possible but also the perfect combination of gentle buttery taste and creamy consistency that simply melts in your mouth. Aciepenser schrenkii and Huso dauricus are crossed to be resulted in one of the greatest sought-after variations of the Kaluga caviar.
  • Kaluga Fusion Gold Caviar. This gold treasure is specially selected to satisfy all your gastronomic fantasies. Size, color, texture, flavor – everything about this caviar is a real perfection. Juicy granules and delicate notes of nutty flavor – is it possible to desire something more when you get the best caviar ever? Choose only the best!

At one time this fish was one of the very valuable commercial species. As a result, its population has declined so much that it was extremely necessary to rescue the species, involving it into the Red Book and establishing strict limits on fishing. The fact that the Kaluga spawns pretty rare (starts at the age of 16-17, and then after 5 more years), as well as the abovementioned information about fishing restrictions, affect the Kaluga caviar price and make it a unique product, which is very glad to present to your attention.

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