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American Hackleback Caviar looks like Osetra caviar, and can have a sweet butteriness reminiscent of Beluga eggs. The delicacy of this river miracle monster contains a unique combination of valuable components, such as amino acids, vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and many others. Though the size of the eggs is not big, but these firm black grains are not inferior to other caviar kinds, if compare their real utility. Hackleback caviar is just a less expensive alternative to Russian types of caviar.

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Beautiful glistening black eggs of this best Hackleback Caviar are firm and have an intense, nutty taste.

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Black Hackleback Sturgeon caviar is not that common as its other Sturgeon “cousins” on the international market, but considered to be most abundant Sturgeon in river basins throughout the United States, so you have an excellent opportunity to try the treasure of this unusual fish. What kind of fish does produce this affordable delicacy – the best American caviar? What are the main features of its reproduction & development? Why should you choose this exact type of caviar? Let us find out more about it.

The Hackleback Sturgeon is a purely river species. A distinctive feature of the Hackleback is rather large head with a wide and flat front side that looks similar to a shovel. These rather strange-looking fish have been spread in two areas: in the Mississippi/Missouri River system, and in the basins of the Amudarya and Syrdarya. It is the smallest kind of freshwater Sturgeon native to the United States, and the only commercial Sturgeon family member, which produces valuable American caviar.

The reproduction, development and characteristics.

This freshwater fish prefers to stay only in the river bed, and sandy bottom areas are especially attractive to it, that is why picks rocky bottom in exceptional cases. It is impossible to meet the American sturgeon in standing waters. The Hackleback spawns in April, when the temperature reaches 16-18 ° C, and only in the fourth year of life the fish fry reaches puberty. Spawning occurs in fast flowing water on shallow gravel beds. The eggs hatch in 3 - 5 days. As early as the end of June, the fish fry grow up to 3.5 centimeters. By this time, they have not got spikes and tail yet, but dwell in the same areas as older individuals. Growth of the fish is relatively slow – 21.3 inches (54.1 centimeters) within five years. The weight of this species may reach 2-3 kilograms, but in some cases up to 4, 4 kilograms. The length is 60-90 centimeters (up to 130).

Recent commercial importance of American sturgeon caviar makes it possible to buy and enjoy the delicacy for cheaper price. So if you get the idea to buy eggs – do not exclude our gorgeous hackleback domestic caviar. Choosing our store for buying this type of the eggs, as well as other kinds, you get the real perfection on your plate. So no doubts anymore – purchase this masterpiece with only one click at

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