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You are welcomed at our specific section dedicated to the best and the most useful caviar accessories, which include exclusive servers, caviar spoons, caviar bowls and many others. We are glad to offer you an extensive choice of appropriate tableware so that you are able to feel a real taste of this famous delicacy without worrying about the quality of your mother of pearl spoon or silver caviar server.

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Silver Plated Caviar Server with Six Vodka Glasses
Marky’s Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon Small
Mother of Pearl Caviar Plate - Hand Carved Caviar Server
Marky’s Fancy Mother of Pearl Caviar Knife - handcarved - 4.5" size.
Mother of Pearl Caviar Fork - handcarved - 4.5" size.
Handcarved Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon - 4.5" size with LOGO, Philipines.

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Utensils made from mother of pearl are a great decoration for the table!

Such table accessories have been appreciated since ancient times. Magical play of colors of this material has always fascinated people. It is no coincidence that it has been used for finishing earlier than gold. Nowadays, mother of pearl spoons, forks, knives and plates are a good alternative to the usual ceramic utensils. It looks festive, original, and will be an amazing table decoration complement, as well as a gift that is sure to please any woman.

Mother of pearl is obtained from the shells of marine mollusk Haliotis. They consist of ordinary limestone, but because of containing microscopic air layers, the material has a wonderful property to bizarrely refract light.

Utensils made from it have come into vogue since the Middle Ages. These accessories are fairly robust, and what is more, the magical qualities are traditionally ascribed to them, including improvement of health, negative energy protection, etc. Nevertheless, its strongest advantage is an incredible beauty. It creates a festive mood and serves as a perfect frame for pieces of the culinary art. Having a high quality, the price for the goods is quite democratic. As an example, our mother of pearl caviar spoon costs only $4.94, a gorgeous caviar plate (or caviar dish) – $18.15, a fancy knife and elegant fork both have the same price and can be purchased for just $9.90. If you are going to buy such useful items, take into account that this material must be protected from aggressive detergents. Then the beauty of the table accessories will delight you every day.

Silverware is an affordable luxury!

Tableware made from silver is the universal gift (in addition to mother of pearl gifts) for any holiday. Such auxiliary accessories symbolize prosperity. These gorgeous items are appropriate for various events and occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings and so on and so forth.

A beautiful table setting that uses silver caviar serving set is associated with the gallantry of a bygone era. In the old days every noble estate was supposed to serve table utensils for the secular meal using no plastic, stainless steel or German silver, but silver. The quantity and quality of such table items showed the wealth and prosperity of the family. The presence of these accessories in the house was a matter of honor and prestige, as well as an indicator of a high social status.

There is no way to compare noble silver with pompous gold, as it is more neutral and, competing with other table decoration items and festive dishes, does not claim to be a leader. Our silver caviar servers (one of them includes caviar glasses to pair the delicacy with vodka) will brilliantly embellish your table or will be a wonderful gift.

Why does not present metal caviar spoon or caviar serving dish?

There is only one reason why we do not want you to use metal utensils with this great delicacy. You should not ever serve any type of caviar with a metal spoon since the caviar acids easily degrade metal. As a result, instead of enjoying its amazing taste, you will only feel a bitter metallic flavor. What is the point to buy such an expensive product, then?

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